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Genealogy is a Trip!

Genealogy is a Trip is getting a face lift!

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Enjoy our webinars while we prepare to share more in August!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

    1. Oh I am so glad you could join, Renita! You are welcome!

  2. First timer at one of your seminars. I was able to log in easily. I have not researched court records very much and learned a good deal. Looking forward to a new line of research. Thank you very much. Pat Lawrence

    1. That makes me know my time is worth it, Pat. I wish you much success. It is a privilege to share what I know. Thank you for taking time to comment!

  3. It was a pleasure watching your webinar today. One of the document that you showed today that was in Spartanburg I think it was your Aunt's will. It had Dr. H.C. Hardy on it. When I saw that name, I said to my self, I know him( Like I really know him) . That's my grandmother's cousin. Dr. H.C. He died in 1935 in Spartanburg.

    1. It was the will of Lewis Johnson. His wife is Arie Anna Vance Johnson. It is amazing how many people I am discovering that are related to someone from these webinars.


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